Happy Farms

Happy Farms

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Happy Farms is a family owned cow and hog operation. We are located in northeast Texas and specialize in beef and pork meats that are free of artificial growth hormones. Cows are grazed on second river bottom grasslands, and the domestic hogs are fed proper grain rations from a well-known mill. Our meats are tender and delicious.

Our customers do repeat buying because they enjoy the quality and taste of our meat. We welcome you to try our product and in many cases our prices are fair for specialty meats. Live animals may be purchased and delivered to the customers chosen processor. In which, meat cuts, seasons and smoking may be of the customers choice. If you have food allergies, ultra or sea salt may be an option. However, you may want to avoid any seasons that effect any such allergies.

Our pre-packaged meats are excellent for longer freezer time. Many meat cuts are in ready to cook packages, prepared by a USDA Inspected professional processing system. Our goal is to have happy customers and hope that you too will like our country raised meats. We are seeking contract opportunities as well. Order your country fresh meat today! :)